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Top ten tips for Umrah

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Listed below are the best top 10 preparation tips for Umrah.

Take a rest.

When you turn up in Makkah for Umrah, don’t forget to take ample rest. You don’t have to do Umrah right away. From a private choice, I prefer to do Umrah at night time after Esha.

Get ready mentally.

Mental preparation for Umrah is essential. It is about being in the right frame of mind. To achieve this, one must equip oneself with sufficient information along with having some kind of image of what to expect.

Show up at workshops, read books and articles, watch clips and keep a positive mind-set. You can also ask for an Umrah guide from the representative of the company with whom you’ve booked your Umrah package.  Aside: There are plenty of assets to choose from. It’s not sensible nor essential to try and undertake everything. Don’t overcome yourself. Instead, make an effort to get the ‘feel’ for Umrah, get inspired and connect with your Lord.

Plan your journey

You should definitely seek advice from your airlines for any possible cancellations or flight delays. For such an occasion, it’s better not to make the Umrah intention from the UAE, but instead mid-flight, is my advice. As you won’t understand how long you’d be in it.

Identify luggage

Put fluorescent tape or a bag (orange, red etc. Wrapping blue and white (as blue and white are too frequent) around both handles of your suitcases, you’d be blown away how all luggage looks identical when you’re at the airport or when it’s been moved from Makkah Madinah. It contributes greatly to figuring out your luggage much simpler.

Wearing the Ihram

It is strongly recommended for males to put on the lower part of the Ihram before you board the plane. The upper part can then be worn during the plane flight prior to the Meeqat point. Don’t attempt to wear the lower part on the plane as it can be annoying and a hassle to other people.


With a lot of persistence and comprehension, you will find individuals from all over the world for a similar cause from numerous cultures and backgrounds. What could seem normal to you may be unpleasant to others etc. So be respectful to your fellow citizens and continue to be patient if a bit of trouble happens. Without slight hardship, you won’t feel the sweetness of Umrah or Hajj.


When in Makkah, maximise on the number of tawaaf that can be done as that’s the only place in the world where one can execute this form of ibadah. However, you ought to be careful of your own health and ability.

Comfortable Clothing

Wear light, breathable clothes (e.g.,. Put some clothes (cotton, cotton) underneath your abaya/thobe to be cozy.

Learn the Seerah

It’s an excellent idea to read a Seerah book or pay attention to one prior to going to Umrah.

Zam Zam

Ensure drink numerous Zam Zam. It’s accessible within the Masjid Al Haram and Masjid An-Nabawi. You should definitely look at signs on the taps outside as some are not Zam zam water.